MRI t-shirts!

Have you always wanted to express your passion for MRI physics but never knew how? (Come on, admit it.) If only there was an easy way of breaking into a conversation about the intrinsic nature of spin!

Well fear not, dear reader, now there is a way. Get in touch with your inner geek with Revising MRI relaxation-time wear. It’s not nerdy and sad, honest.

Put your suggestions for wry / sarcastic / witty / obscure t-shirt captions in a comment at the end of the page.

Comfortable relaxation-time wear

Get to know your inner geek.
[Note: I make no money on these]

She precesses. The earth’s magnetic field is between ~30-60µT, depending where you are on the planet

He precesses. Got a Zeeman splitting headache?

Diamagnetic girl. Everything is diamagnetic!

Diamagnetic bloke. Can you have a diamagnetic personality?

How are you precessing? The nuclear magnetism of the hydrogen protons in your body are sensing the Earth’s magnetic field (which varies  between ~30-60μT, depending where you are on the planet). Because of the spin property of these nucleons, they precess around the direction of the external field. A stable anisotropic distribution of spins then forms, causing a net magnetisation to be present.

How are you repulsive? All materials are diamagnetic. Orbiting electrons in a material (i.e. you) are affected by an external magnetic field, such as that of the Earth. Their orbits change and as a result they generate their own magnetic field which opposes the external magnetic field within the sample (this is Lenz’s Law). But diamagnetism is usually very, very weak, and is overwhelmed by thermal motion of molecules.