Revising MRI will cover an assortment of topics associated with MRI physics which aren’t appropriate for a website on the basics of MRI physics (i.e. the rest of ReviseMRI.com). A likely audience would be MRI physicists who are past their structured theoretical training, but who may find reading little titbits of MR theory and practice a productive distraction during their short relaxation times throughout the day.

Scott Adams’s Dilbert cartoon of 2000.10.26 starts with Dilbert stressed out in front of his PC.

“I …must …resist …using …the internet for personal reasons”, he thinks. A mild panic develops. “Gaa! There’s a whole world of knowledge and entertainment at my fingertips …teasing me!”

Catbert (from HR) suspends an ice-cream cone on a string over Dilbert’s cubicle.

“No eating in your cubicle”, teases Catbert.

A stressed Dilbert reaches up for the ice-cream. “Ice-cream! I’m so hungry!”

I enjoy building websites; It’s like building a working machine, which is rewarding. I revise MRI as part of the process. And as a result, so can you.

Want to contribute? If you have an introduction to a useful MR-related topic which you’d like to publish on this Revising MRI blog, drop me a line and we can discuss it. Share the wealth!