MRI Fonts

Fonts, like all of us, have a particular character. Pun intended. Their shapes can suggest a tone of voice, encourage a level of formality or urgency, or trigger associations with other products or brands. Some allow for fast reading on screens, or easier prolonged reading on paper. A brief foray into internet resources regarding font design will take you into a world of nuance and technical detail, for which you might need to learn a host of interesting terms: glyphs; ligatures; kerning; hinting. Fonts can be fascinating and beautiful, and designing them is a creative and highly technical skill. Nevertheless, we can appreciate them in terms of their characteristics and utility, their history and heritage, and their intent in communicating brand philosophies, by comparing different choices made by MRI manufacturers. Let’s look at some examples, using the fonts seen in printed materials by Philips, Siemens, and GE. Continue Reading »

An Interview With Wolfram|Alpha

By now you’ve surely heard of Wolfram|Alpha, a “computational knowledge engine” which aims to take any and all systematic factual information and allow you to compute with it. Recently, RevisingMRI sat down with Wolfram|Alpha for an interview about MRI. Every answer is a genuine reply from Wolfram|Alpha (links are provided).

RevisingMRI: Good morning.

Wolfram|Alpha: Hello, human.

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MRI Blog Title Ideas

Rejected MRI-blog titles.

  • An MRI Bore
  • Field Lines
  • OK Space
  • Unfazed
  • The Spin Room

Cows as Magnets

Scientists from Germany and the Czech Republic have shown that domestic cattle and roe deer across the globe tend to graze aligned to North-South magnetic field lines. Using satellite data from Google Earth, they state that

“Because climatic factors like wind, sun, or temperature were apparently not common directional key factors explaining ubiquitous alignment, we conclude that the magnetic field is the only common and most likely factor responsible for the observed alignment.”

Gives a new meaning to “animal magnetism”.

Acronym Heaven

Or acronym hell. A look at the (ab)use of the English language for marketing MRI acquistion pulse sequences and methods.

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