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Study MRI Physics is designed principally as a revision aid, but may also be used as an educational resource. Contents include: detailed Q&A, web-based animated tutorials, interactive learning tools, and links to resources for further reading with nearly every Q&A posed, both in common textbooks and online.

Contact details: D. M. Higgins PhD

Want to get in touch? If you have an MRI physics or technical question: use the Forum.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions, please make contact. (Error corrections are especially welcome!)

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DAVE HIGGINS, in his very short relaxation times perpetually spins a web of information to resonate with the MRI-training masses in his field and is thus colossally spoiled in his key role as CLINICAL SCIENTIST (MRI).

BSc(HonsMSc  DipIPEM  PGCert  PhD  CSci  MIPEM
Clinical Scientist (HCPC registered)

Email: contact [followed by] @ [and then]

David Higgins also does a bit of bee keeping.

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