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MRI hardware and quality control of images.

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Equipment and QA Q&A

These questions are concerned with MRI hardware, and observing and maintaining the quality of MRI images.

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  1. What documents are available that are related to equipment and quality assurance? (UK)
  2. If it were possible to measure only one parameter as part of an MR QA programme, which would you measure? Why?
  3. How loud does a typical MRI scanner get?
  4. But just how loud is that? Compare with something I can relate to.
  5. What's the difference between dB and dB(A)?
  6. How can we measure the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)?
  7. What are the two largest sources of noise (in images) in MRI?
  8. What is the slew rate?
  9. What is the source of the loud noises heard during an MR scan?
  10. How might proximity to a road (e.g. tunnel under a hospital) affect images?
  11. What is passive shimming? What is active shimming?
  12. What is passive shielding? What is active shielding?
  13. Describe the three main magnet types, including the pros and cons of each.
  14. Name some factors that are intrinsic to MRI that affect image uniformity.
  15. How is uniformity calculated?
  16. What (%) statistical fluctuations can normally be expected when SNR is measured on a regular basis?
  17. Name some of the most likely causes of a change in SNR.
  18. What is the difference between linearity and distortion? How are they calculated?
  19. What are typical linearity errors (mm)?
  20. What are typical distortion errors (%)?
  21. What is used to characterise the resolution of the system?
  22. What's an MTF?
  23. How do you measure a MTF?

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