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These questions are concerned MRI hardware and quality control of images.

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QA Documents

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What documents are available that are related to equipment and quality assurance?

NEMA Standards
IPEM Report 80
MagNET's Blue Cover reports
ACR Quality Control Manual

The following papers may also be useful:

Firbank MJ, Harrison RM, Williams ED, Coulthard A. Quality assurance for MRI: practical experience. Brit J Radiol 2000;73:376-383.

Price RR, Axel L, Morgan T, Newman R, Perman W, Schneiders N, Selikson M, Wood M, Thomas SR. Quality assurance methods and phantoms for magnetic resonance imaging: report of AAPM nuclear magnetic resonance Task Group No. 1. Med Phys 1990;17:287-295.

Further reading on this topic:
Books: MRI From Picture to Proton p202-203

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