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These questions are concerned with k-space.

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The K-Space Tool illustrates the effect of a low pass filter. Does this change the field-of-view (FOV) changed compared to the original data? If so, how?

Low pass filter page here.

The FOV doesn't change. The interval between one point in k-space and the next (Δkx, in the x-direction) doesn't change, and FOVx = 1/Δkx.

Δkx = γ.Gx.ΔTs, (units m-1) where γ is the gyromagnetic ratio, Gx is the gradient strength in the x-direction, and ΔTs is the "sampling interval": the time to sample just one point of one line in k-space.

All we lose is spatial resolution.

Further reading on this topic:
Books: MRI From Picture to Proton p128, MRI The Basics p160-165, 251

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