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How do we change image contrast? What are the effects of parameter changes? This section explores image contrast and image acquisition methods.

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Weighting in Spin Echo Images

Answer this...

(a) Should TE and TR times be short or long to produce a T1-weighted spin-echo image?
(b) Should TE and TR times be short or long to produce a T2-weighted spin-echo image?

Spin Echo:
Long TR1500+ ms
Short TR250-700 ms
Long TE60+ ms
Short TE10-25 ms

"Short" and "long" are approximately relative to the T1 and T2 of the tissue to be imaged. Additionally, gradient echo TRs and TEs are generally shorter than that of spin echo pulse sequences. A "short" spin echo TR may still be "long" in a gradient echo pulse sequence.

Further reading on this topic:
Books: MRI From Picture to Proton p30

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