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What happens in k-space? This tool allows you to choose changes to be made to a k-space data set. The result of these changes is seen and discussed.

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K-Space Tool: Remove Lines

Every second line has been removed from the k-space data. You can just about see the gaps on the k-space image.

Accelerated data acquisition using sensitivity encoding (SENSE) "misses out" k-space lines in a similar fashion. The resulting aliased image is "unfolded" by using previously acquired coil sensitivity data. This is possible because the different proximity of surface coil elements to different tissues means that the expected relative signal intensity from different coil elements can be calculated. Removing every other line from the k-space data as seen here is equivalent to a SENSE factor of 2.

im_remlines k_remlines

Changing the data acquisition back so that the aliasing seen in this image is removed (like going back to our original k-space data) is the process of phase oversampling.

Choose from the list below alter k-space.

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