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Study MRI physics using animated tutorials.

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Web Tutorials Not Working?

To ensure correct display in a web browser, you must use two things:

  1. Internet Explorer versions 6 to 8. The tutorials will not display correctly in other browsers, including IE9. This is because the tutorials were written in Microsoft PowerPoint XP/2002. When they are saved as web-based presentations they use the Office Animation Runtime (see below) that is designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Office Animation Runtime. If you don't have Office XP/2002 (or later) installed you must also download and install the Office Animation Runtime.

Apologies to osmacMac and oslinuxLinux users: the Office Animation Runtime is an MS Windows-only component (even if Office X is installed on a Mac).

Please observe that you can also download PowerPoint 2010 versions for offline viewing, on each tutorial page.

Other notes:

  • This image: play means it's time to click the mouse, when you're ready. Wait for it to appear before proceeding.
  • The sounds in the choir analogy in the How K-Space Works tutorial will not work if your institution has blocked the download of .wav sound files.
  • Press F11 on your keyboard for a truly fullscreen presentation (F11 to get back to the desktop, too).
  • If movies open in a new window, press Alt-F4 to close the window and return to the tutorial.

Want the Original PPT Files?

You can download PowerPoint 2010 versions for offline viewing, from each tutorial page.

If you would like the original .ppt files without the yellow discussion speech bubbles—just ask.

Note that you can only use content if you adhere to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 license, under which it is published.

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