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Study MRI physics using animated tutorials. Start your tutorial in Internet Explorer only.

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The What Is K-Space? Tutorial

K-space can be a mind-numbing mystery. And then it's not. No, wait …then it is again. This tutorial is designed to give you a practical understanding of what k-space is, what the data within it is, and how that data affects the image, without difficult maths, or even mentioning spatial encoding (shudder)! This first tutorial on k-space is easy going, so sit back and relax. By the time you finish it, you will have a useful understanding of how messing with k-space can have particular effects on the image. This includes the effects of deliberate manipulation of k-space (e.g. partial Fourier) as well as artefacts (e.g. RF noise spikes). Go for it!

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Internet Explorer 6-8 with Animation Runtime is required. (See the tutorials help.)

You can also download it for offline viewing: what_is_k_space.pptx

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