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Diffusion Weighted whole body Imaging with body Background signal Suppression.

In Brief

Multi-station whole-body DWI with STIR fat suppression.

More Detail

Whole-body DWI requires consistent high-quality fat suppression so that residual fat signal is not superimposed over signal from lesions. DWIBS combines STIR fat suppression – which works well over large fields-of-view – with single-shot EPI readout. Parallel imaging keeps the EPI shot short, to minimise blurring and image distortion.

The presence of tumours is denoted by high signal on high b-value (800-1000 s/mm2) diffusion weighted images. The signal from tumours remains high because of their high cellularity.

DWIBS is a free-breathing acquisition; motion artefacts are suppressed via the acquisition of multiple signal averages.

From the multiple 2D-slice DWIBS source data, a 3D maximum-intensity projection is created which is then grey-scale inverted to present the image in a similar way to that used traditionally for nuclear medicine studies.

Read more about DWIBS: (pdf)

Vendor implementations

Philips: DWIBS